About Us

About Us

With a mission to reach the people who cannot be reached otherwise, Time Television is the First Bangladeshi owned HD channel launching from New York to reach the South Asian Diaspora, and bilingual viewers worldwide. Time Television will air fact- based, in-depth news as well as hard hitting programming that brings the issues deeper from the community, and reaches directly the hearts of the audiences.

First initiated in January in 2014, Time Television has built one of the most sophisticated, technologically advanced studios, and appointed experienced and talented crews with proven news gathering capabilities, and creative programming. Time Television will attempt on diverse contents to reach the most viewers from the many countries and cities through cutting edge technology.

Time Television will focus on programming that will attract women, kids and young generation. It will work as bridges between men and women, younger generation and older generations, and most of all immigrants and mainstream population. Time television is meant to dig deeper to remove the briers and bring forth a happy and joyous community.

A 24/7 channel, Time Television will disseminate news and programs through TV Deshi, Total Cable, Sky, World Cable and so on. It will also be available live on its website as well as on androids and iOS through Time Television App.

Time Television is ethically a value driven channel. All its journalists, production teams, and staffs are to maintain its code of ethics to be unbiased and objective in its reporting, promote diversity and openness in programming. Time Television believes that the viewers deserve to know the truth, and unspoken information should be made to the people. Time Television is determined to maintain the quality and higher ethical standard.

Our Vision: To reach the most viewers of diverse beliefs and choices. Dig deep to bring out the unspoken and unheard. And promote young generation forward.

Our Mission:
Engaging talented, creative, energetic, and motivated people
Building a large active audiences through more interactive contents
Unleashing the hidden talents of the common people
Providing a platform for the unheard
Creating a bridge between the immigrant generation and the mainstream Americans

Our Values:
We are the voice of the mass
We are with the diversity
We discover the unspoken and unheard
Our production and financial departments are separate